Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I'm having one of those very rare attention deficit days. In all honesty, my brain has been functioning at something of an 'Oooooh, SHINY' mode all day.

Perhaps this is because I sold two MOAR necklaces via Etsy over the weekend. Go, Etsy! Go me! The gentleman who bought them was so nice (yes, it was a man). One piece was for his wife, the other for his niece. Here's the first one, which he intends for his wife:

'Je t'aime.'

On a human subject, AKA, me.
The second piece is for his niece:

'Fly Away With Me.'

Mirror Image.

Recently, a friend asked me why I pose as my own model. I thought this was an interesting question. In all honesty, I'm quite shy. But I'm also convenient for myself. I don't need to wait to book me. I don't need to call myself on the phone to arrange when I'm available. I'm always free, cash and time-wise. That's it. The end. Now you know ;0>

In other news, I just bought the *coolest* (or maybe the hottest ~ haha) enameling kiln on the market. But it ain't no beginner machine, that's for sure. See:

It's ACTUALLY called 'The Kingpin 88.' It's SO bad@@$.

As soon as it arrives, I'm going to take a picture of the real thing. And then I'm going to take a poll regarding my kiln's name. I would *hate* to call it George, only to find out it's a girl. You know what I mean... I think.

What else? Oh, yes. I'm currently creating some gift certificates that you can use in my shop for existing merchandise or a custom order ~ your choice. I'll post samples as soon as I have them listed, which should be sometime tomorrow.

I'm also working on new designs for cloissone earrings and bracelets, so we'll see what I come up with. In addition, I'll be announcing the start date of custom orders. They will be first come, first serve, but if you want something very specific, please be sure to contact me as soon as possible.

One last thing, and this is VERY important: if you'd like to email me, and you don't want to contact me via Etsy, just message me at NatanyaElka@gmail.com. I'll create an email link on the sidebar of this blog for your convenience, too. Thanks, Happy Holidaze, and *blessings* to you!


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