Friday, December 10, 2010


Have you ever felt as if you have so much to say, yet you just can't put it into words?

That's how I feel, today. But I guess we'll stick with the facts. I sold my first necklace via Etsy last week, and I was so incredibly pleased! It was this one:

'Spice Trader.'
I have to be honest, I've sold many pieces in person, but this whole selling via the interwebs is sort of crazy. But... I am learning. 

Hmmm... what else? Oh! Yesterday, I had my first 'grown ups only' horseback riding session in a long time. It was so much fun, though I *am* a rusty rider. At least I think so, but I tend to be very hard on myself. I'm really quite a perfectionist. But I guess that's a good thing, considering that I work with molten hot metal and glass. There is no room for clumsy when it comes to enameling or horses, that's for sure. Having said that, I DO like to 'horse around' at the stables when I get a chance. (Go ahead, groan in agony at my pun. You know you want to). Sometimes you just need to be silly:

As my friend Astrid said, "Poor mister noble creature, getting gloves on his ears!"  
Like many of you, I guess I am just getting excited up for my new studio space, and visiting with my family and friends for the holidaze. 

One more thing...(How could I forget this?) My friend Emilee and I lost our minds and built a gingerbread house for a local exhibition. That's not *so* interesting until you take into account that I am completely gluten-intolerant (I have Celiac Disease ~ if you'd like any info, please let me know). In addition, her daughter has a SEVERE lactose allergy. So that means that we baked and constructed a gluten-free, dairy-free gingerbread home. I think it's rather swanky. What do you think?

I'd live in it, wouldn't you? Especially if I could have the peppermint trees as shrubbery.

OK. I'm sure I will have many more interesting things to say in my next post, but to quote Charles Wallace from A Wrinkle in Time, "Let's be exclusive. That's my word for the day. Impressive, isn't it?" 
Sometimes being exclusive can be FUN.



Pesky Cat Designs said...

Congratulations on your first Etsy sale! Yay! And what a beauty. :)

Natanya Elka said...

Thanks, Elisa! I'm still stalking your horsey clutch ~ also quite a *gem*


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