Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Life is bittersweet.

But there are people in this world who make it a nicer place in which to live. One of those individuals is my friend, and corsettier, Astrid. She lives in Michigan. She has horses, and dogs, and cats. She has a wonderful husband and an amazing new baby boy.

And in between all of her barn/animal/baby/husband chores, 
she made me this:

Yeah. I know... it just sort of takes your breath away, doesn't it?

So... that's it for now. I just wanted to remind you that sometimes when the world seems ugly, there are beautiful, bright bits of ephemera that fill us with joy. That's what my friend Astrid has given to me. Bright, ivory colored bits of gratitude. I love her more each and every day. 

Please check out her shop, and tell her that I sent you: 

She apparently makes lovely perfumes, too!
*bless* you, my friend...



Pesky Cat Designs said...

Beautiful gift! Yes, we should have gratitude for all the wonderful things in life such as loving friends who fill our lives with joy.

Wishing you a great day! :)

Natanya Elka said...

Although my response is a *bit* belated, what you said is absolutely true. I would be nowhere without my friends. To me, they are family! I hope you're well, Elisa... xoxo

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