Friday, August 20, 2010


So... I'm *almost* finished with my first jewelry set, and I thought I'd give you a sneak peak into my inspiration and a confession, as well...

I *love* the carnival, don't you?

Especially at night, when the lights on the rides are positively luminous, lurid almost... taunting you to ride them and become lost in the glory of everything that is childhood innocence. 

I just don't like having to leave...

When I got home, I found that I wanted to re-create something that would be a lasting tribute to my memories, so I made this:

She looks a bit sad, n'est pas?
  I'm not yet sure what to call her. I guess we'll see when I'm finally done. In case you were wondering, she is a work of cloisinne enamel. She is mounted on a disk of fine silver, with 24 karat gold leaf under her hair. The wires are 22 karat gold. I learned how to create things like this when I was no more than a child myself, just 18. As I create, I remember sitting in classes with people who were four times my age, and they were SO patient, barely breathing...

I learned the art of sitting quietly with tiny jars of powdered glass and beads from the elderly (now deceased), and yet I am reminded of my childhood.

The light summer breeze at a carnival, the night air filled with screams of joy, the smell of everything that is good to eat. From all of this, I am able to make art. And for that, I am truly... BLESSED.

What do *you* remember? Tell me, I want to know :)

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