Thursday, January 27, 2011


Voluble ~ (adj.) marked by a ready flow of speech.

As you can tell from my lack of posts, I have not exactly fit the definition of the word defined above. However, that's not because I've had nothing to say. On the contrary, I am filled with thoughts and words that fill my brain matter until I am practically tipping over with the weight of my own stories. (Perhaps now would be a good time for you to make yourself a cup of tea. You won't want to leave for a while).

And so we begin...

Let me start the new year with some thank you's. That's always a good place to pick up, isn't it? There are a few very *special* people whom I'd like to thank. The best part? They don't even know, yet.

Shortly before the holidays, I received an e-mail from my very dear friend Astrid (I've mentioned her before, but methinks I'll mention her again). She wanted to send me a package. EEP! Astrid makes corsets and other body care goodies, the likes of which are truly to die for. She's French... you get it. When my box from her arrived, it looked like THIS:

Who *wouldn't* want to open such a giftie?

So... of course, I did!

Ooooh... Bath and body goodness. And a candy cane! And a brooch! And, and, and... LOVE.
But best of all, a special parfum created from essential oils, just for me. In a tiny cobalt blue flask, no less. It's my favorite...

Thank you, Astrid! And Joyeux Anniversaire (Happy Birthday)!
From the tip of my nose to the tips of my toes... Please go check out her shop so that you can get some of this deliciousness for yourself or someone you love:

And now we interrupt this programming for some more thank you's.

I follow a blog. Wait. That's NOT the exciting part! I love kind over matter so much, that I just had to sponsor Amanda's work this month. If you look on the right hand side of her pages, you'll see my ad that she made for me, which links directly to my Etsy shop. Amanda is not amazing because she advertises for me, though. Please take a moment to scroll through her posts. They are inspirational, poignant, and sometimes they make me laugh. Sometimes I even cry. But I read it every day, because what she writes reminds me that the act of kindness is the MOST important thing. AND... if you like free things ~ who doesn't like free stuffs ~ please click here for some amazing printable freebies filled with kindness. Thank you, Amanda. As she would say, "big love."

Here comes another thank you... can you handle all the gratitude? 
I hope so.

I 'met' Katayoon Zandvakili via my cousin Julie Michelle (I'll get to HER in a moment) through the power of the interwebs. In short, she is amazing. A talented painter and a poet, Kat is pure light personified. She is as fascinated with wordplay as I am, which is why she gifted me with not one, but two, new books: 

Please do yourself a favor and peruse her websites. They really will fill you with *joy.* I am, of course partial to the horsey paintings. I think y'all know the reason:

Last, but not in the very close to least... I have saved the VERY best for last.

Please allow me to tell you one more story. It doesn't have an ending. But it has a beginning. And this 'thank you' is part of that story. Once upon a time, 8 years before my own birth, came my cousin, Julie Michelle. According to all sources, my arrival was somehow synonymous with hers. We looked alike, we talked alike, and we even displayed some very same specific body and verbal language.  
Here comes the strange part... we live 3000 miles away from one another. 

I have only actually been in Julie's presence on a handful of occasions. Yet nothing has changed. We are still the same mysterious sister/cousin/twins we have always been. Like me, Julie is an artist. No. That's an understatement. She is also an author and a highly regarded photographer. Here are the links to her many sites ~ I will try to explain each one:

ilivehere:sf was recently part of an enormous installation at SOMA arts in San Francisco.

Please go and take a good long look at Julie's work. There is honestly so much more, but I'm only allowed to tell you about what is already public domain ;)And what I have given you will just take your breath away. 

So. Now for the thank you to my special cousin ~ it's a bit of an odd story...
Before Julie became the sort of artist she is now, she was a jewelery designer. Yeah, I know. I think the best part is that I had very little idea that we had ever traveled this same path. When she told me that she was sending me 'a box o' beads,' I was not expecting what I saw:

All the beads in ALL the world.

So that I can do this... aka, workin' it.
So that I can make things like these earrings... 'Baby Bee.'
Which, allows me to buy THIS.

Julie is part of my past, my present, and she gave me a future. To her, I give my undying love and affection. Thank you, my sister/cousin/twin.   

Thank you to all of my specials ~ even if I have not mentioned your name, you know who YOU are. I love you...



Anonymous said...

Oh wow! How truly blessed you are with such special, generous women in your life.... so many beautiful treasures you have been 'gifted'(in more ways than one0 to inspire and feed your creative soul! Thank you so much for providing links to them.
Hugs Jo xxxx

julie said...

This beautiful post made me so happy: not only to be included and part of your world but also to see the other people who love you. xoxo

Pixie said...

Love u...and glad u named those earings baby bees!

Natanya Elka said...

Thank you all for your amazing comments ~ much love to all of you :)


Pesky Cat Designs said...

You deserve all the love that comes your way!

I want to thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. It's always so nice to hear from you. BTW, horsey bags are coming. :)

Natanya Elka said...

Awww, thank you honey. I feel the same way about you.

Horsey bags = yay!!!


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