Friday, August 6, 2010


So, here it is. My first post. For me, this is not simply a blog entry. It's the renewal of a life...

As you probably read in my profile, I've loved jewelry since I was a child. Like many little girls (and probably more than a few boys), I used to plunder both my mother's and grandmother's jewelry boxes on a regular basis. At their instructions, I was always very careful to handle the most precious items with the care they deserved. I would listen to stories about how each item had come to exist in the collection, but in the back of my mind, my imagination would take over. I would conjure up stories of lost romance, undying love, and most of all, COLOR. I can still recall the details of every stone, the way the light caught on a piece of twisted metal, the way the hues of jade, rubies, and pearls would reflect the natural beauty in their matching light brown eyes. 

And ever since then, I have wanted to wear it (at my own insistence, my ears were pierced when I was three), own it, and most importantly, create it. I don't really know why this is. My mother has her own theories, mostly involving past lives, but I think the answer for me is the COLOR. 

Not coincidently in the least, I dream in full color. My dreams are filled with symbols, night after night, I can recall them as if they have occurred in my daily life: a glowing, glade green frog with vermillion eyes, a scrap of creamy old lace, a pile of verdigris river stones, and an ancient, faded, mustard yellow bathtub. These are the pictures in my mind. Carl Jung would have a field day with my subconscious.

With relief, I discover that night after night, there are always more snapshots, more broken eggshells, and best of all, a never ending source of COLOR.

Each one inspires me to create something special. A unique treasure for whomever claims it, and a confession from my soul.

In full COLOR.

Stay tuned ~ thanks for dropping by...


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